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$11,500 negotiable
11 yr old Head Horse. Ridden by 3x reigning World Champion Clay Tryan
Paint is an 11yr old gelding. I have owned him for about a year and a half and love this horse to death but have to sell him. I had listed him on here this last summer to sell but just couldnít get rid of him but now this time I donít really have the option to keep him. I am in need of a barrel horse and that is my only reason for selling him. After deciding to keep him last summer, Clay Tryan had rode him for me for most of the semester while I was gone at school up until a couple weeks before the NFR. I rode him a few times over winter break and he felt awesome. I only got to go to two ropings over break and won the 1st round on him at both ropings. This semester while Iím at school he is being ridden by Josh Torres here in Lake Charles. This horse scores great, leaves hard, runs hard, and is outstanding in the field. No duck and faces great. He goes where ever you put him. I am a #4 header and get along with him great. This horse has a huge motor on him but is also very broke. I would say he is suitable for a #4 and up. I would really like to see him go to a higher number roper because of the fact that he is so athletic and has so much more to give. I think he is suitable to be awesome rodeo and a big time jackpot horse. Paint will take you to the pay window with out a doubt. If I donít win an average check on him, 9 times out of 10 we will at least get the round win. He has been hauled to USTRC ropings and World Series ropings since I have owned him. He eats and drinks well on the road. Has great feet and is UTD on everything. Loads, ties, stands for the shoer, gets along with other horses, and is pleasant to be around. Videos coming soon! (909) 638 4040 Call or Text for more info. Located in Lake Charles, Louisiana $11,500 Negotiable
Weatherford, TEXAS, USA
Has been hauled to about everything. Local ropings, USTRC, World Series, College Rodeos, PRCA, and many others. He has been patterned on the barrels, but heading is his best suite. He is very well broke and ready to go. Can really run and leaves the corner very hard. Call or text with any questions. 208-540-1221
Montpelier, IDAHO, USA
Big Daddy
He has been used to gather cattle on trail rode and has been roped on in the pasture. Very quite easy to be around great personality would make a great using horse or head horse .Hes very broke extremely soft breaks over really nice anyone could ride him he's very gentle lightly started in the head box he is located in Collinsville tx for more information call or text 940-284-1535
Collinsville , TEXAS, USA
  Ace 13 y/o calf horse
13 y/o calf horse. Overall gentle horse, you can rope cattle in the pasture and ride wherever. He has plenty of run and stop. He has also been team roped on. Call Budge 918-658-4781
Solid Head Horse 12 year old.
VanZan is a solid 12 year old head horse. Took our son to the Nationals in New Mexico and all through high school rodeo. Also competed at jackpot team ropings. Will give 100 percent every time. Very seasoned and honest. Can send videos upon request.
McLeansboro, ILLINOIS, USA
Miss Dandy Valentine, Beautiful Bay Roan Head Horse
This horse is a real head turner. Has the ability to go with the looks. She has a great move, scores good, runs hard and rates. Currently being hauled to world series ropings among other jackpots.Also has been hauled heeling. Will fit high number down to a low number. Heading- , Heeling- More pictures and videos upon request. Call or text 6233778670
Amazing opportunity to own one the greatest heel horses alive today! Carmine's winnings are too numerous to mention them all, but a few highlights of his winnings are: placed in the Windy Ryan in 2013 and 2014, won High School national finals in 2014, won the #15 shoot out in the USTRC, and won Jr world two years in a row! Brady won probably over $200,000 on Carmine! If you are ready to go to the next level then this is the horse for you! 18 years old (looks 10), $15,000 serious inquiries only please.
  Mighty Chex Head/Heel/Tie Down
This is just a nice, all Around Gelding, He is very quiet, anyone can ride him. We have branded calves and rode him on the ranch. He is going very well and ready for someone to take and enjoy !Call Manerd 520 682 7188 for more information
$20 000
  Heel/Tie Down Horse
Willis, is a NICE 6 Year Old Gelding. He is a MUST try horse. He has been to Rodeos and Jackpots, and is ready to go anywhere you want to go and Win. He is good in the box, has lots of Run and a big stop. You can head on him, but he is so good in the Tie Down Roping we don't head on him a lot. He is quiet enough for an Older Roper and talented enough for a high number. Call Us for more info. 520 682 7188
Blue Jeans is a solid head horse and ranch horse. He was been raised and has been ridden in the Flint Hills of Kansas his entire life. He has been used outside a ton and is a solid head horse in the arena as well. He is good in the box, plenty of run, strong to the horn, and faces well. He is a big stout horse with plenty of bone and good feet. He is UTD on everything. He has no scars or blemishes and is 100% sound in every way. He has a good handle and moves off your feet well. This is an all around nice horse you can use for any job on the ranch and then take to the arena and turn steers. Please feel free to call or email for pics or more information. Thanks for your interest. Zac Parrington - 4P Horse Company LLC - 785-220-1247.
  HEAD/HEEL Horse~6 years old~Registered
Golden Little Girl~6 year old registered mare going nicely on the heading and heeling end. Well started and very broke. Time for someone to take her and put the finishing touches on her. Impressive pedigree on this girl! Great future broodmare prospect also! $10,000 Can deliver to OK or TX area as early as next week possibly.
  Birdsh** $15000
Birdsh** is a 11 yr old head horse. Eat up with speed, very flashy, and can really move for a big horse $15000 for more info call 214-906-9590
Combine, TEXAS, USA
  Cool Docs Dude..Head Heel Calf Horse
Flashy, Head, Heel, Tie Down, Breakaway, you can do it all. This horse, can really run, anyone can ride him. Girls took him to his first Breakaway jackpot and he did great. Has no problem going from event to event. Very athletic and good minded horse. Horse is in Tucson 520 682 7188 Manerd for info
  Stormy Got Lucky aka Newt...Head, Heel Tie Down Horse an 8 year old gelding that is really good to Head, and Tie Down Rope on. You can also heel on him. He is good in the corner in all three events, he is solid can run and is a big stopper. For more info call Manerd, he is in Tucson, Arizona 520 682 7188
$15 000
  8 Year Old Head Heel Tie Down Horse
This is a nice All Around Gelding. We have hauled him to Rodeos and Jackpots and have headed heeled and breakaway roped on him at Rodeos. We have headed lots of steers in the practice pen and he works every time. This is the horse that if a friend comes over to rope they ride, because he is super solid and safe for anyone at any level. He is sound, solid and only 8 years old.
FLASHY Seasoned Head and Heel horse. 5 yr old AQHA gelding
Mr Smart Twist 2009 Buckskin Gelding This 5 year old gelding is the real deal. Iggy is easy going, gentle and safe for any level of roper or rider. Rope 20 on him and he will drop his head and walk back to the box. He is seasoned on the head and heel sideand has been hauled to TRC roping, Wrangler Ropings, USTRC and World Series. Heel 10 on him then back in the head box and heíll do his job. About 14.3 HH (havenít measured) and thick built. Great pedigree and incredibly easy to look at, he definitely wonít be on the market for long. $15000
Congress, ARIZONA, USA
7yr High Brow Cat Gelding. Dark Bay heel horse with champion bloodlines
2007 AQHA chestnut Gelding 15 hh 1050 lbs Grandson of High Brow Cat With champion bloodlines this good looking High Brow Cat gelding is ready to be finished and start his roping career. Quiet in the box, good on slow or fast cattle, smooth in the corner and stops on his hind quarters. Ride him with or without a tie down. Located in AZ.
Congress, ARIZONA, USA
  FLASHY GRAY GELDING! Seasoned head horse ready to win. 7yr old AQHA
I am selling my 7 year old head horse. He is a papered quarter horse. Easy to rope on, scores, runs flat, handles a steers and faces really sharp. He is a flashy grey gelding, gentle enough for any level or roper or rider. He has been hauled to USTRC, World series, WTRC and everything in between. Nice to ranch on as well. Have been heeled on and hauled to a couple jackpots on the heel side but is definitely a way better head horse. Located in AZ. $8500. 602-620-1069. Video:
Congress, ARIZONA, USA
  Sale pending ...Gallo Quixote 6 year old head horse
"Bay" is a 6 year bay gelding with an awesome start to his team roping career. He was started heading as a 4 year old after 60 days reining training. He has been hauled to jackpots, rodeos, and has spent many hours in the practice pen. You can run as many steers as you want and he will be the same horse. He is in the practice pen 4 to 5 times a week running no less than 20 head. Nothing bothers him mentally not even loud rodeo speakers. Bay heels, breakaways, and has been started working a calf rope. He has also been shown the barrel pattern. He lopes a very nice set after only a few times around. Bay is your "all around" horse. He is broke and willing to do anything you ask. He should be suitable for any number roper. More videos available on YouTube on Mlyerly2 channel. Text Megan for quickest response. 704-929-6448 More pictures available.
Really nice all round youth rodeo horse
This horse has been in our family since he was 2, Sonny truly is an all around horse, he has been won on at all levels in the Team roping(both ends) excels as a heel horse, goat tying, Poles, and barrels. I steer wrestled off of him for 5 years in the PRCA as well. He is an incredible heel or pole horse, he is very quiet in the box and is a gentleman. Anyone can heel on him. He is also a really good pole horse but requires an experienced rider in the poles, he will run 20 second patterns. This horse has no bad habits and is a pleasure to be around. We have access to steers or you can try him on the poles or barrels here. I have a couple really poor videos I can email if intrested, thx He has no injuries, is sound and has never been injected.
Meridian, TEXAS, USA
  Talented Heading/Heeling/Barrel/Poles Palomino Gelding
Super talented 1D/2D barrel, pole, heading, heeling and even roped a couple of calves before. 8 year old flashy gelding for sale. Financial difficulties forces sale on this tremendous gelding, my loss is your gain. ďRockabillyď, is the ultimate all around horse you have been looking for. Flashy palomino gelding that is ready to be hauled. Jackpot and rodeo winner, been hauled to less than 10 rodeos, and ready to be your rodeo winner. Ran IPRA and Mid-States and held his own against the top barrel horses. Loves crappy ground. Performs well in small and big pens. Has the speed and he ability that is needed for an open roper and is quiet and broke enough to fit a kid. Scores good runs hard and flat. Would fit a lower number to an open roper. He has the ability to have the whole family use and compete off of him. Working on the heel side the last couple of months and runs right in there to the hip and stops hard. Take him to a rodeo and then let the kids take him to a jackpot. Would be a jam up high school horse. 2D pole horse with limited runs. He is such a stellar gelding and such an athlete. He is a combination of a push style and free runner. Does great on the road, eats, drinks and hauls great. Will collect and ride around like a pleasure horse. He was bred, raised and trained on the farm. Has been taken great care of and not had his legs ran off. 100% sound, and never had any unsoundness and never been injected, no maintenance. Kept him legged up by ponying another horse off of him and riding him bareback down the road. Other horses for sale ranging from prospects to performance in barrels, poles, calf roping, team roping. I need to sell some horses but hopefully others sell so I can keep hauling and wining on this great gelding. I donít currently have an up to date video of him roping, this video is older and shows when he was first started on barrels. Please don't hesitate for more information and tons of more pictures. Videos include rodeo runs and team roping runs, as follows....... MSRA/IPRA rodeo, Coldwater, MI. Ran 12.993 won with a 12.636 (1st rodeo) Expo Rodeo at Sandusky, MI. MSRA/IPRA Expo run 13.7 (would've won rodeo) rodeo won with 13.857. (3rd rodeo) MSRA/IPRA Rodeo Fremont, OH. Ran 13.344, rodeo was won with 13.005 (2nd rodeo) Rodeo run MSRA/IPRA Heeling Run For more information please contact Megan at 734-216-6641 or
Head Horse. 7 yrs old. Rode at US and WS ropings. Scores, runs, and very stout. Gentile to be around. Call or txt: 903-227-2719
ravenna, TEXAS, USA
Finished head horse. 12 yrs old. Fast and flat across line. Have rode at US & WS ropings and rodeos. I have more pics and some video of him. Call or txt: 903-227-2719
ravenna, TEXAS, USA

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