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$20 000
  Heel/Tie Down Horse
Willis, is a NICE 6 Year Old Gelding. He is a MUST try horse. He has been to Rodeos and Jackpots, and is ready to go anywhere you want to go and Win. He is good in the box, has lots of Run and a big stop. You can head on him, but he is so good in the Tie Down Roping we don't head on him a lot. He is quiet enough for an Older Roper and talented enough for a high number. Call Us for more info. 520 682 7188
  Macho man $6500
Macho man is a 21 yr old flax mane sorrel calf horse who can still win at any level. He's $6500 for more info call 214-906-9590
Combine, TEXAS, USA
  Cool Docs Dude..Head Heel Calf Horse
Flashy, Head, Heel, Tie Down, Breakaway, you can do it all. This horse, can really run, anyone can ride him. Girls took him to his first Breakaway jackpot and he did great. Has no problem going from event to event. Very athletic and good minded horse. Horse is in Tucson 520 682 7188 Manerd for info
  Stormy Got Lucky aka Newt...Head, Heel Tie Down Horse an 8 year old gelding that is really good to Head, and Tie Down Rope on. You can also heel on him. He is good in the corner in all three events, he is solid can run and is a big stopper. For more info call Manerd, he is in Tucson, Arizona 520 682 7188
$15 000
  8 Year Old Head Heel Tie Down Horse
This is a nice All Around Gelding. We have hauled him to Rodeos and Jackpots and have headed heeled and breakaway roped on him at Rodeos. We have headed lots of steers in the practice pen and he works every time. This is the horse that if a friend comes over to rope they ride, because he is super solid and safe for anyone at any level. He is sound, solid and only 8 years old.
13 yr old calf horse/ heel horse
Quiet gelding likes his job. Very stoppy style, very solid line work. Gives you 100% across the line. Stout built horse that has been there done that. Aggressive rider as he can get a bit on the shorty side. Call for more info 208-250-1538
Hello Black Type
One Bad Black Motorscooter! He is a calf horse/ heel horse stopping machine. Solid built. Pretty is as pretty does and everything he does is Pretty! Reining horse early in life and stared his roping career with an awesome handle and a sensible mind. 8 Yr old gelding. Has been to some jackpots and rodeos and will continue to haul until sold. Currently priced at $15,000 but will go up as he is more rodeo seasoned. call for more info 208-250-8630
15 yr old snappy quick calf horse/breakaway. Can also head and heel
Currently in Odessa, TX until mid Jan -- Solid built calf horse with a snappy stop and aggressive line work. He is lightly used for his age and has a ton of run! I wouldn't recommend him for a beginner because of power. Very quick across the line. Also hauled breakaway, very solid heading and heeling as well. Lots of years left to win a lot of money on this guy. call for more info 208-250-1538
$17, 500
  Spider 8yr old tie down roping horse "price reduced"
This horse has been used at amateur and high school rodeos for the last three years. He has lots of run an aggressive stop and pulls good. He is good in the box and scores well. He is suitable for any level of roper and will allow you to compete with the best. Please call (204) 724-8473
Rapid City, Manitoba, CANADA

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