All Around Roping Barrel Poles 13 y/o Gelding
Maverick is an all around rope, barrel, pole horse. Actra, NBHA, NIRA, NPRA. Runs anywhere from a 17.5-18.2 on standard. Very solid head horse, handles cattle effortlessly. Runs high 21 poles with minimal competition/practice. He's the horse that can do it all. Daughter off at college, too many horses and he's too good to sit. Daughter ran NPRA last 2 years on him, nothing phased him. Completely sound, no vices. Use him for anytime we need a babysitter. Have disabled niece who rides him or used as lesson horse for young riders and then the next day take to a roping jackpot or barrel race and go win. Great on trails. He is super broke, easy to ride, can get along with anybody. He has a really sweet heart. Can see more videos on youtube under Owayhee Cash (Maverick).
Proven Head Horse
Really great head horse that has proven himself everywhere. Fit any level of roper from beginner to avid pro. Extremely well broke, can do anything you want on him. Money won at pro rodeos, amateur rodeos, USTRC money earner in Open roping all the way down to the 11 roping. (Money won heading on in open and 15 and in same day money won in 13 and 12 heeling. ) Scores phenomenal, extremely fast,breaks hard smooth and flat, gentle as they come. Easy keeper, stands for farrier, hauls great, great around kids and noise, broke broke broke as they come. Really do not want to sell but have to for financial reasons. call 316-641-7009
Andover, KANSAS, USA
Hesa Dr Kirk
Ratchet is a solid finished 2/3D barrel horse. Runs both indoors and outside pens. He will not hit a barrel. You don't need to tune on him just leg him up and go. He runs Poles at home he would make a nice pole horse. He is a free runner but very controlled and broke. No gate issues ever. Must be a quiet rider and quiet hands and he will perform. Roping Prospect I have several videos I can email. Serious Inquires Only
Lenas Colonel Dun It
Rocky is a solid finished 2/3D barrel horse. He is broke, Runs indoors and outside pens- no alley issues-push style. You don't need to tune on him just keep him legged up and go. Runs Consistent wins Average awards often. Cribber but controlled by a collar. Routine Maintenance. I have several video's just email me and I will send them. Roping Prospect- Serious Inquiries Only
  Head Horse, Calf Horse & Barrel Horse
Really nice finished head horse, calf horse, breakaway horse and barrel horse. Has been to many pro rodeos to small pen amateur rodeos roping. Easy to slow work on barrels, easy to run, really excels in bigger deep pens. (Barrel runs are at the end of his video) Also roped on regularly by a #4 woman, Scores every time, has a ton of rate and faces great. You can run as many as you want on him and he will score every time. Nice and smooth to ride around, 5 year old little girl rides him around at the house and has played with him on barrels and rode him in out of the boxes. Sound, never been lame, has passed a vet check previously. Good feet, no maintenance.Contact Zach Kilgus at 570-660-0220 located in Belpre, Ohio. more info on www.WickedEquine.com
Belpre, OHIO, USA
  Rusty Mini King, hauled and won on at PRCA rodeos.
Rusty is extremely easy to ride. Will work any level, from high school to pro rodeos. Scores great, lots of run, and his timing is phenominal. No issues hauling, nothing bothers him. We have cattle, come try him. Call Scott Shelton for any questions. 712-592-9504
KQ Mr Mr 12 year old 1d barrel horse located in West Texas
Mr is a 12 year old gelding that has been there done that! He is a 1D barrel horse and I have owned him his entire life. I have done all the work on him. Qualified for state finals in all four years, I have college rodeoed the last year in the southwest region on him and he is right there with very tough horses. He is extremely quiet and easy to get along with. He is a complete sweetheart who also comes with his very own companion, a miniature pony with a flaxy mane and tail named Sweetness. He is sound I have never had an soundness issues with him at all. Easy keeper! He would be great for anyone junior high and up. The ONLY reason this horse is for sale is because I am getting ready to go to nursing school and dont have time to keep running him and he is way too nice to sit. Also runs poles. I have many videos upon request. Please serious inquires only.
Levlland , TEXAS, USA
Big Daddy
He has been mainly used out in the pasture to bring cows up on. Been trail rode and loping the barrel pattern, roping the smarty steer and currently started steer stopping cattle out of the head box. He is ready for someone to go on with him. Would make a great family horse, very gentle, great personality. For more information call or text 940-284-1535
Collinsville , TEXAS, USA
  7 yr. old calf roping mare for sale
Real pretty 7 yr. old Peptoboonsmal x Doc Quixote bred mare. Been roping calves for just 6 months and showing lots of promise and talent. Quiet in the box, scores good and solid, runs hard. Works with no jerk line. Not marish and easy to get along with. Rides around soft and moves of legs. Sound and never been off. Been trail rode. Just needs to be hauled and finished. This mare is ready to stepped up and pushed. Been hauled to rodeos. Eats and drinks on the road. Would fit different levels of ropers from beginners; easy going personality and smart mind, to open ropers; lots of talent and ability. Wouldn't take much to make her a team roping horse too. Get her now and finish her the way you'd like. More information contact Jason or Megan at 734-216-6641 or jmyranch@aol.com Also other horses for sale.
Proven, solid, consistent calf and heel horse
Really nice horse that will work and try every time. Can be laid off for months, climb on and go win something. Been won on at every level from pro rodeos down. Currently being hauled and won on by 13 year old at jr rodeos and jr high rodeos. Easy going and gentle. Big time heel horse also, have headed a few steers on and worked good. Mainly used for the last 7 years as a calf horse. Would be great for someone learning, kid, breakaway, or older man horse, but can also still be hauled to the open and pro rodeos. They don't come any better minded then this horse. Great in the box, stops, and pulls every time. Can't say enough good things about this horse, he's a winner. Contact Justin at 405-821-0071 or rope2win95@hotmail.com
9 year old heel horse
"Vesta" is a solid heel horse. She scores like a rock, never misses a corner and has a big pretty stop. Would fit any number of roper. She is sound as sound can be. please contact me with any further questions.
terrell, TEXAS, USA
  Rojo- A 22 Year Old Veteran Calf Roping Horse
Rojo is a 22 year old AQHA veteran calf horse. His experiences and the arenas where he has been taken are more numerous than we can name, or probably even know. His winnings range from PRCA to college rodeos. Most recently he has been used at college rodeos. However, in the last two years he was high call at Cheyenne Frontier Days, as well as, won the St. Paul, Oregon PRCA rodeo. In the last year he also won and placed at numerous college and amateur rodeos. We have owned Rojo a little over a year. Although he still has the speed and strength to compete at college and high school rodeos, we can see that he has lost a little bit of a step for us to be able to use him at the PRCA level and open rodeo level. Rojo is a big, strong horse. He stands at least 15.1 hands and weighs 1200-1250 lbs. He still stops hard and pulls consistently as you can see in the videos. He scores well and doesn't make mistakes. He has an easy personality and gets along well with other horses. He hauls well and is easy to shoe. As gentle as he is, he still has explosive power. In fact, a novice rider might have trouble riding him out of the box because of this strength across the line. We feel like one reason he is still so competitive at his age is that he has been well maintained. Because Rojo has only had one owner prior to us and we both used Dr. Chris Morrow, in Amarillo, TX, he has had the same vet for most of his life. He does require egg bar shoes and regular injections. Rojo still has a lot of wins left in him and we just aren't interested in selling him as a practice horse. Thanks for your interest.
Canyon, TEXAS, USA
  11 Year Old Bay Mare Calf Roping Horse or Breakaway Horse (Fritzi Madera Chic)
Marilyn is a registered AQHA mare, born in 2004, and originally bred in the cutting/reining industry. We've owned her for approximately 3 years. She is a bay, stands about 14.3 hands tall, and weighs 1,050 to 1,100 lbs and looks the part of a calf horse. We aren't sure our pictures do her justice, she is sharp looking. She is quick across the line and pulls fairly strong to strong. We have only used for her tie down but we could see her being used as a very competitive breakaway horse. If we could change anything about her, it would be the way she stops. She uses her front end a little more than we like and is not quite as snappy as we want. She does have the typical "mare attitude" with the other geldings around our place but she is good-minded. She is a very easy keeper, travels well, safe and gentle to be around, and has never taken a sore or unsound step with us in her 3 years at our barn. She hasn't had any feet, leg, back or any other health issues while we have owned her. We keep her legged up and will take her to a few rodeos and jackpots this year. Please call Pryce with any questions at 806-674-9367 or if you would like to schedule a time to try her.
Canyon, TEXAS, USA
Sleepy came about his name honestly. His docile nature would be well suited for youth or high school rodeo, while his ability has been proven at the highest level of competition. You would not regret your trip to south Texas to try this one!
  8 Year Old Calf Roping Mare for Sale
This mare has been hauled to PRCA, Amateur Rodeos, Youth Rodeos and jackpots. Qualified for the First Frontier Circuit Finals. My son won Chris Neal's Future Stars Calf Roping in the 12 & Under Tie-Down. Can be used from pro to youth. Hauls great. Great to be around. Super quiet, flashy mare. Contact Ned Kilgus at 570-847-1001 for more information.
Turbo is a 10 year old, sorrel gelding. Turbo is a great head horse suitable for all levels from beginner to an advanced roper. He is a very gentle horse, first to come in the pasture, and very easy to catch. He can be turned out with anyone. If you are a USTRC roper, do not let another day go by before you come try this horse. If you are looking for a horse that scores well, no cheat, and no duck then Turbo would be the perfect match. He is ready to go. He needs no tuning. Call me at 706 681 8890 and I will tell you everything about this horse. Do not let this one pass you by.
Phenix City, ALABAMA, USA
  Valley Gold 106, 9 Year old All around Gelding
Very nice Gelding from the Buck Daniels breeding program, has the "D" brand on his butt. Solid heel horse, has had about a dozen calves tied down on him and is well started in the barrel race ( been to 2 nbha jackpots ). Was used all winter in Missouri to gather cattle as well as rode at the stockyard, lots of good quality miles, very broke.
Calverton, NEW YORK, USA
  "Ranchy" proven PRCA level calf horse
Ranchy is a top level calf horse. He will fit nearly anyone from high school level to PRCA level. He has been placed and won on at many PRCA and UPRA rodeos. If your looking for a horse to allow you to have a chance to win on nearly every calf, then Ranchy is a horse you have to try. He has an amazing melt in his stop, which will give you time to place your slack exactly where you want it, but what makes him extra special is his punch. His punch allows you to at least have a chance of winning on the strongest of calves. The reason I am selling him is because I have put all of my focus on steer wrestling and I do not want to waste him any longer. He is still at the top of his game and has many, many years left in him. If you have any questions or want to set up a time to try him, text or call me at 4327707154.
pecos, TEXAS, USA
  Roany (NFR steer wrestling horse)
Roany is s great steer wrestling horse for any level. He is solid in the box, runs hard and has a big heart. All levels have ridden him over past 5 years. Roany has helped teach kids to catch cattle and professionals to win at the biggest rodeos across the country. He is 16 years old and is a maintenance horse. He has many years of action ahead.
Big John
This is a great head horse that will take care of any level of roper from a beginner to a pro. Big John has been a winner in both the heading as well as the heeling. I won the 15 shootout at the Southeast Regional Finals heading on him and turned around the next day and won the 12 shootout heeling on him. This horse is very gentle, very sound, and absolutely has no bad habits. If you are a USTRC roper do not let another day go by before you come try this horse. The pictures are from Perry, GA where we won first second and third in the 15. This is not a trader horse. I have owned him for 10 years and he is like family to me. He will only go to a great home. I simple do not have time to ride him due to my busy work and home schedule, so therefore the only reason this horse is for sale. Call me at 706 681 8890 and I will tell you everything about this horse as I could write about him for days. Again do not let this one pass you by because you will not buy a better one. Also for sale I have a 11 year old sorrel gelding, very gentle also. Call for information.
phenix city, ALABAMA, USA
Reduced $7500
Rodeo Ready Youth Calf Horse
Seasoned and Accomplished Youth Roping Horse. Tie Down, Ribbons, BAW, Heel and Tie Goats all on this little guy. He stands 14 hands tall, built right and turns heads! Quite in the box, no need for scoring, never gets hot and makes the same trip every time (indoors, outdoors, hot, cold, rain or shine). Patient and Easy Going. This horse would be ideal for a youth learning to rope or a youth looking to do multiple events on one horse. Solid, little calf horses like this one are hard to come by. Videos available upon request to serious inquires only please. Cattle available on premises. 903-390-6551
Groesbeck, TEXAS, USA
  Tina Tiger 10 yr old quarterhorse mare
Tina Tiger aka Diva is very broke. She consistently runs in the 2d and makes the same run every time. Very mellow easy to handle. I give kids as young as 5 riding lessons on her. My 6 yr old son rides her in the pewee barrel races. She has the mentality to be a rodeo horse. She's not afraid of cattle, doesn't spook from flags or plastic tarps. Excellent trail horse, goes through water, jumps logs, and handles rough terrain like a champ. Shes started in the poles and is doing great. She's sound, never been injected. I've owned her since she was three and know she's been well taken care of. Would make a great Jr rodeo or high school rodeo horse.
Spring Creek, NEVADA, USA
$25000.00 very firm
"SV Whiskey Whiz" - Finished, World top ten am. calf horse, world show qualifier in cowhorse, Finished head/heel horse.
"Twig" is a finished calf horse, head horse, heeling, reining, and cow horse. Pointed in all disciplines except, team roping, just never shown him, jackpotted only. Started by Stacy Westfall, trained in tie-down by Roger Branch, cow horse by Marylin Peters, and personal help with cow horse with Brad Lund. Very competitive and very seasoned horse in all events. He is Sound, no vices, and he's ready to show, rodeo or jackpot on!!!! Video of him are on youtube, in search area put- SV whiskey whiz-for sale. there are 6 videos of him on there.
guthrie, OKLAHOMA, USA
Several Dogging Horses For Sale
We are still training and hauling them and they are for sale! I have several dogging horses for sale right now all levels of competition and various price ranges. Give me a call I may know of something for sale right in your backyard. We have arenas and steers at all times to try horses. Check out our site www.goodsperformancehorses.com there are pictures of several on there now with more to come. We also train and sell hazing horses and all ours that we train have been used on the ranch. We've been in the business over 35 years now and would like to help you also take horses on consignment. Allen Good 605-462-6290 or 605-462-6347 or 605-441-6898 abcgood@goldenwest.net
  Head Horse Deluxe!
PERFECT ADDITION TO ANY ROPING FAMILY! Don't miss this perfect head horse. “Butch” is as solid as they come. A child could jack pot on him on Saturday and Dad could go win at a rodeo on Sunday. He does everything easy and smooth, scores, runs, rates, pulls and faces. NO soundness issues! Don't be afraid of his age this horse has never been overused as a practice horse. You will have love this horse every time you rope. He is a special guy please call Chris with any questions and come try him today. Thanks (970) 371-9789
  Preacher, is a very good and solid horse. He still has a lot of runs left in him.
Preacher, is a very good and solid horse. He has a lot of good runs left in him. Thank you. Phone number : 918 448 8908
Seasoned Steer Wrestling Horse
Seasoned Steer Wrestling Horse For Sale. 18 year old registered, Chesnut gelding. Great little horse to take you to the next level! Sound, solid in the box, scores well, and runs hard. Currently used in the CCA and MRCA circuits in Saskatchewan and Manitoba. This horse is capable to compete at any level. Loads, hauls, and trims well. Selling due to career and figured this was too good of a horse to not be used. Asking $7000US. To inquire please contact Leighton Schroeder @ 306-531-3485, or by email, leightonschroeder@hotmail.com.
Moosomin, Saskatchewan, CANADA
  6 Year Old Head Horse.
This is a very nice, gentle, well bred mare. She is excelling in the heading, and is ready to start going to jackpots. She has also been breakawayed on. As well as a nice barrel horse, and pole horse. For something this young to have done so much the sky will be the limit. She was race as a two year old and was a AA mare. Has plenty of speed, but not hot at all. No holes in her. Come try her she speaks for herself. Have videos in all her events.