Rio 8 yrs Heel Horse
Rio is 8 yrs old heel horse. Has only been heeling for 1 ˝ years, but hauled to many roping. He had 10 months professional training, spins, slides stops and works a cow. He is the fastest and most athletic horse I've ever owned. The only reason I'm selling him is I'm older and having neck surgery. Not sure when I can rope again. He has a huge motor and can take a lot of runs. Someone needs to run this horse on the barrels. I think he might be missing his calling. He would make an amazing JR rodeo horse for an experienced rider. Easy to catch, shoe and tie. He has lots of personality too. He's presently at a trainer's and they have an arena and cattle. Contact Richie 559-804-1753 or heelhorse4sale2015@gmail.com
  All-Around Gelding
Bucky is a 15 year old All-Around Gelding. Currently being used as a Tie-down Horse on the CPRA Circuit in Canada. He is a 2D Barrel Horse, Goat Tying Horse, Breakaway and Heel horse as well. UTD on everything and sound. Available for viewing or trying anytime. Contact Virgil 403-597-0638
Innisfail, Alberta, CANADA
  Jaebars Dandee Lena - Fits any level of Roper! #5 to #9
Juicy J is a super gentle, sound, heel horse that anyone can ride. He's got a ton of run and you can throw on the corner or he will track all the way across the pen and never take your throw away. He was used as a turn back horse prior to us getting him. Juicy J has been to a few small jackpots, but I've mainly used him to practice on. He can handle a lot of runs and never gets hot in the box. He's easy to catch in the pasture and easy to shoe. Teeth are up to date and he's a very easy keeper. Located in Hillsboro Tx. 717-443-1629 or Jodi.smith@ymail.com
hillsboro, TEXAS, USA
  Barrels, Breakaway, TieDown, Heading, & Heeling.
HB is an all around guy. He is finished on the pattern and has been hauled to rodeos & jackpots. He was broke out at 4 by is and we have had him in our program ever since. He is a wicked calf horse can really run, punchy stop, and keeps the rope tight. He does need finishing in the box. He has a nice feel going across the pen also as a head horse. Rates a cow nice and facing isn't an issue for this guy. He has been heeled on also for about 2 yrs. A 10 yr old has ridden him on the barrels. I have given barrel and pole lessons on him with other children riding him. He would be a great Jr. Rodeo, HS rodeo, Am. Rodeo, and even a pro level horse.
Dublin, TEXAS, USA
$6000 neg
Corda Hancock 14 yr old
This mare is solid in the heeling. I have breakaway and roped calves on her. She is as solid as they come. Plenty of go and a lot of whoa. I don't have any videos of her seeing how I was using her as a backup calf horse. But I have steers so u can try her. This mare is priced to sell. She is sound sound sound. I have never injected her. Very easy keeper. If u are interested please call or text me at 720 288 6164. Thanks
Guaranteed to take your girl to the finals, He is a better pole horse than barrel horse but hes good at both. His last jockey was a 7th grade rookie.They went to the finals from a very competitive Florida. Best way to get me is cell phone 518-755-7833
williston, FLORIDA, USA
  19 Year Old - Will Fit Anybody
Solid Calf Horse, for youth, high school or practice horse. Or if you are a weekend roper & need one you can just catch out of the pasture & go rope, this is your horse. Check out youtube video attached. Call JD Tadlock 940-367-4654.
Pilot Point, TEXAS, USA
$12,500 negotiable
  Solid and sound rodeo horse
Horse is very sound and solid very low maintenance . Good in the box will give you a throw every time. He can really run and gets back every time. Would make an excellent horse for Youth, amateur, or college rodeos. Available for viewing anytime. Call 918-207-8160
Tahlequah, OKLAHOMA, USA
  Petro Tie-Down Roping, Breakaway Roping and Barrel Racing
YouTube Video Linked to Ad. Awesome tie down horse! Lots of power. Gets across the line quickly. Big Stop! Works rope great. Very easy keeper. Easy to haul. Being a breakaway roper, I feel that he is more suited to being a tie-down horse. Others that have ridden him have liked him and done extremely well, he just doesn't fit my roping style. He is definitely professional caliber!
  Seasoned Youth Calf Horse
This little horse has won money at junior high rodeo, nationals, Joe Beaver Junior Roping, Roy Cooper's Junior Roping and LV Invitational, Rising Stars, Barry Burk's Roping Roundup and Ultimate Calf Ropings. Works the rope good and is a great horse for a youth roper. More videos available upon request. 620-326-1485
  10yo Finished Calf, Breakaway, Head & Heel Horse
Finished calf horse, head horse, heel horse, breakaway and goat tying horse. Little Man has been in our family for about 5 years. He's a great horse and has been hauled all over the country from Pro Rodeos to youth rodeos. He scores everytime and you can run as many as you need in the practice pen then take him to the rodeo. Have also headed, roped calves and heeled on him at the same rodeo. Sound, clean legged and never been lame. 2014 PRCA First Frontier Circuit Finals Tie Down Average and Year End Champion. Very well taken care of, up to date on shots, coggins and teeth. Serious inquires only, no trades. Other Rope horses for sale on our site www.Wickedequine.com call/text 570-660-0220 for more information
Belpre, OHIO, USA
$12,000 FIRM
Seasoned Head horse for beginner, youth, or female roper
This horse is perfect for a beginner roper, lady roper, or young child that needs a chance to catch every run. You won't find a more honest head horse than Hotrod. The only reason I am selling him is due to having a newborn (didn't realize just how much time a baby takes and I don't see myself having time to rope in the near future). He enters the box quietly and will score all day long. You can also heel on him. Prior to me buying him he was hauled by a PRCA cowboy as a practice horse, he has been seasoned, hauled across the country and honestly has no bad habits. He is safe and great to be around. If he was in shape and tuned up I would ask more for him, but he has only been roped off a few times since I got pregnant the end of 2014. He knows his job and other than being kept in shape you DO NOT have to hammer/ride daily and he will do his job every time. I was a beginner roper when I purchased him and caught the first 7 out of 7 steers I tried him on. I do not have any videos so you will need to call and come try him if interested. Call 817-296-8211
Rio Vista, TEXAS, USA
Ranch raised and pasture used mare. Six months professional rope training with AQHA World Show Champion, Jody Ramer. Breakaway, heeling, heading. Big, thick, well muscled, excellent head. Great prospect for performance, halter, very athletic & quick, will work well in all roping events. Foaled April 2010. SIRE: Starlight Bred Stallion won many Texas Stock Horse of Texas Association events for several years. DAM: A gorgeous grey race bred mare that produced several “OSU Power Slide” Bred colts for me that are being hauled in Wyoming & Arizona. NO EMAIL. PLEASE CALL: 580-387-9366 See website for video and more info: http://www.csropinghorses.com
Tishomingo, OKLAHOMA, USA
CS Bartender: Foaled April 2009,15h, Sorrel Gelding. Ranch raised and pasture used. Six months professional training with AQHA World Show Champion, Jody Ramer: Heading, Heeling & Break-away. Excellent in the box, tracking & in the corner. Good speed, excellent disposition, ready to haul. Good youth prospect! Sire- Placed Sixth at World AQHA Show- Amateur Heeling. Dam- One of the Good Drift Wood Horses was several times Year End Hi Point horse. NO EMAIL. PLEASE CALL: 580-387-9366
Tishomingo, OKLAHOMA, USA
"Doc" Head/Heel Horse for Sale
Doc is a 17yr old head/heel horse. He is a veteran and has been everywhere. Very easy keeper and is extremely kid safe. Would be very suitable for a beginner or someone wanting a solid horse with no holes in him. I am a 6E and use him as a backup horse for heeling. Most of the time I ride him in the practice pen with no bridle. He is that broke and solid. This horse is the real deal and a must see. Serious inquiries only
Leduc, Alberta, CANADA
  11 Year Old Bay Mare Calf Roping Horse or Breakaway Horse (Fritzi Madera Chic)
Marilyn is a registered AQHA mare, born in 2004, and originally bred in the cutting/reining industry. We've owned her for approximately 3 years. She is a bay, stands about 14.3 hands tall, and weighs 1,050 to 1,100 lbs and looks the part of a calf horse. We aren't sure our pictures do her justice, she is sharp looking. She is quick across the line and pulls fairly strong to strong. We have only used for her tie down but we could see her being used as a very competitive breakaway horse. If we could change anything about her, it would be the way she stops. She uses her front end a little more than we like and is not quite as snappy as we want. She does have the typical "mare attitude" with the other geldings around our place but she is good-minded. She is a very easy keeper, travels well, safe and gentle to be around, and has never taken a sore or unsound step with us in her 3 years at our barn. She hasn't had any feet, leg, back or any other health issues while we have owned her. We keep her legged up and will take her to a few rodeos and jackpots this year. Please call Pryce with any questions at 806-674-9367 or if you would like to schedule a time to try her.
Canyon, TEXAS, USA
  20 year old seasoned calf horse
Richard at 530-640-2348 or Todd at 530-640-2349
  ***Finished and Seasoned Head horse***
"Big Al" is one of the nicest head horses I have ever had the privilege of riding. He has won a State high school team roping Championship and countless jackpots, amateur rodeos and college rodeos. He has been hauled to the bright lights and big noise crowds and nothing phases him. He works good in any set up short/long scores, fresh steers or big heavy steers. any body that can hold the reins can ride this horse he is gentle and beginner safe but will adjust to the rider. been rode for the #10 to the open and won on at all levels. I have plenty of rodeo videos to watch and you will not be disappointed to come try him. Call 406-673-3361 or 406-654-4825
zortman, MONTANA, USA
  Solid 2D/3D - 7th 2014 LBR Natl Finals Senior Girls
Super Cool Barrel Horse that has NEVER hit a barrel !!!! - 7th in the Senior Girls at the Little Britches National Finals Rodeo in 2014 with a 15.5. Reg HQ, 8 year gelding, solid reining foundation (Started by Lance Shockley Reining Horses), awesome trail horse, has NEVER hit a barrel, easy to ride, sound and sane, long mane and tail, nice looking dude. Perfect for a youth or lady that wants a SOLID 2D/3D. Will run 2D with a good rider, will run 3D with anyone. Horse has not been over used. This guy is a Solid Citizen. He has been hauled and is seasoned but has not been over used. After the LBR Natl Finals Rodeo last year the owner left for college and lost interest. Parents have decided to sell. Rooster has been turned out since last July. He is rested and ready to go to work. Seller did a pre-sale vet check prior to listing him so this is a good sound ride. Rooster has run poles at home. He is patterned but not finished. He spins, stops and has lead changes from the reining. He should be easy to finish on poles. Rooster is at my house now and ready for sale. I will post more pics in a couple days and will finish up the Extended Pedigree
elizabeth, COLORADO, USA
  He's the real deal!!! 7 y/o seasoned calf horse
This 7 y/o calf horse is the real deal!! If your ready to hit the road and make the finals this is the horse for you! He scores perfect, has a tremendous amount of run, big straight stop and plenty of pull. He's been hauled the last two years and has made the CRRA & ACRA finals. He is super gentle and absolutely anyone can ride him. He has also been started on the barrels and entered a few times. Wouldn't take much to get him winning in that event as well. There is absolutely nothing bad to say about this horse. He's 100% sound! You could drive thousands of miles and not find another one like him. Call Budge 918-658-4781
  Rojo- A 22 Year Old Veteran Calf Roping Horse
Rojo is a 22 year old AQHA veteran calf horse. His experiences and the arenas where he has been taken are more numerous than we can name, or probably even know. His winnings range from PRCA to college rodeos. Most recently he has been used at college rodeos. However, in the last two years he was high call at Cheyenne Frontier Days, as well as, won the St. Paul, Oregon PRCA rodeo. In the last year he also won and placed at numerous college and amateur rodeos. We have owned Rojo a little over a year. Although he still has the speed and strength to compete at college and high school rodeos, we can see that he has lost a little bit of a step for us to be able to use him at the PRCA level and open rodeo level. Rojo is a big, strong horse. He stands at least 15.1 hands and weighs 1200-1250 lbs. He still stops hard and pulls consistently as you can see in the videos. He scores well and doesn't make mistakes. He has an easy personality and gets along well with other horses. He hauls well and is easy to shoe. As gentle as he is, he still has explosive power. In fact, a novice rider might have trouble riding him out of the box because of this strength across the line. We feel like one reason he is still so competitive at his age is that he has been well maintained. Because Rojo has only had one owner prior to us and we both used Dr. Chris Morrow, in Amarillo, TX, he has had the same vet for most of his life. He does require egg bar shoes and regular injections. Rojo still has a lot of wins left in him and we just aren't interested in selling him as a practice horse. Thanks for your interest.
Canyon, TEXAS, USA