All Around Roping and Barrel Gelding

8 year old Billy Billy Bayou/Dash for Cash ALL AROUND gelding. Feed one mouth and enter up!

Going VERY well on all types of roping- heading, heeling, breakaway… and is a top of 3D with limited hauling barrel horse as well. He has a HUGE motor and is extremely quick footed. All the hard work is done- just load him up and hit the road.

Has had 4 months with Megan and Jason Young for roping and barrel racing training, as well as 2 months of barrel racing tuning with Kara Hughston.

Barrel racing: has gotten hauled a handful of times over the last few years and is top of 3D with me loping to the first barrel, and generally being inconsistent with patterning him. Has serious snap around the backside of the barrel and can instantly be at top speed leaving the barrels. Has also been played with on poles, but never entered.

Heeling: my husband has entered a handful of jackpots on him and has placed at several. Good in the box, gets to the cow quick, knows where to go. Took to it naturally.

Heading: has headed plenty of live cows, just not entered. Great in the box, really figuring out how to pull. Just started working on facing.

Breakaway: leaves fast, no trouble getting to the calf. Not as seasoned on it as we don’t have calves. Have entered a couple of jackpots on him. Sometimes needs help with his stop on the really fast ones, but does pretty well considering minimal work has been done.

He’s a really a great dude to have around, my husband and I swap using him, but we have too many and work too much, so he’s just been on the back burner since we’ve owned him- he deserves to be someone’s number 1! He is extremely willing, has never balked at anything we’ve asked him to do. Hauls like a champ, Great for the farrier/vet, can be by himself or with others. Never taken a bad step, super clean legs, no maintenance required. Does have a somewhat cloudy right eye due to an old injury, but hasn’t affected his performance or demeanor.

I have videos available if desired. Please call or text Becca at 248-830-7361 for more questions.

Playboy Cadet
Billy Bayou Playboy
Tom’s Gray Scooter
AQHA (American Quarter Horse)
8 years old
15 Hands
Notable Achievements, Titles & Awards
Money winner in heeling and 3D barrels with limited hauling
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