2012 Youth Rodeo Gelding for sale

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If you are looking for a Jr./ High school rodeo horse then Cash is perfect for you. Cash is a seasoned pole horse that consistently runs in the low 20’s. With the right jockey he has the potential to run even faster. He is also a seasoned rodeo and jackpot barrel horse that runs consistently in the 2D at local events. He is a great goat horses as well. He gets up to speed and is easy to dismount because of his size. Cash has also been roped off of but never taken to any events. He does have amazing potential in the roping pen as well though. Our family absolutely loves this gelding and we are reluctant to put him on the market, but we know what he can do and we want his talents to be utilized by someone that is wanting to go all the way. Please contact Chris Waldy for more information!

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