A fancy "Jam" up Gentle, Loaded with Speed, Strong from the horn and Can Face Head Horse!!!



Lot #8 SoMuchForHancock “Jam” Sells to Highest Bidder September 6&7 2019. To place a phone bid register http://www.turnerperformancehorses.com/turner-performance-horses-remote-bidding-form.html

“Commander-in-chief” best describes
He is great for a beginner as well as fits the
seasoned professional. He never takes a step out of line and this $$$
winning head horse scores
flat footed, leaves off your hand, runs to the spot, moves across with strength and a snappy
face! Hauled to rodeos, good behind the barrier. Jam can turn it on and then drop your reins
and walk off! We have used Jam in so many ways.
He is an asset to many programs. As a trail
horse, he crosses water and all the obstacles, and even the teeter

totter bridge. He is a gentleman rancher’s horse that has excelled in all aspects of ranch work. Knows his leads, works off leg, solid neck rein and c
an certainly stop! If you’re looking for a mounted

horse, he is great with gunfire and has been shot off of many times! Jam has a “GENERAL” type

makes heads turn, and compliments are abundant! You can turn him out for
months, load him i
n the trailer and take him to a roping and WIN as we have! It was very hard
to consign Jam to the sale, he is so loved, extra gentle, so full of affection and ones like him are
very hard to come by. Jam will continue to be hauled on up until the sale! Do not pass up Jam!
Sound, UTD on worming, dental and farrier!
We proudly welcome you to our ranch in Helena ,MT. FMI
or phone 406-381-2347.

  • NAME and LOCATION OF SALE : The League of Legends Invitational Horse & Stock Dog Sale
  • DATE OF SALE : 9-7-19
  • REGISTERED NAME OF HORSE : So Much for Hancock
  • SIRE : LF Salty Sun Frost
  • DAM : TLN Drift N Sunny
  • BREED : AQHA (American Quarter Horse)
  • AGE : 8 years old
  • GENDER : Gelding
  • HEIGHT : 15.1H
  • COLOR : Dun
  • SALES CATALOG LINK : http://cowcampcatalogs.com/pdf2019/09Legends/
  • Notable Achievements, Titles & Awards : Numerous wins hauled to Ropings and Rodeos.
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Livingston, MTUSA,NORTH AMERICA,59635  Show Phone Number ***** http://www.TurnerPerformanceHorses.com

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