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4/4/23 “Thank you, have sold several horses on the site, it is by far the best place for buying or selling higher quality horses.”  – USA

8/12/17 “You guys are the easiest people I have ever worked with. Amazing! Thank you!!” SOUTH DAKOTA

8/19/16 “We sold our steer wrestling horse as a direct result of our ad on your website. Thanks! “ IDAHO (Jane & Chip Giles)

5/12/16 “Thank you, we always have success with your site!” – Jeremy. Grand Island, NEBRASKA

5/2/16 “”We SOLD the Black 22yo Mare – Calf Roping Horse this weekend. Thank you!” – JoAnn Remington, Hiawatha, KANSAS

3/31/16 “Thanks and I sold my (SW) horse within a week using this site!” – MONTANA

8/7/15 “I have had great results using PRH! Produced a buyer today on a calf horse I had listed on this site. I will be using PRH again soon! Thank you!” – TEXAS

5/4/15 “Very pleased with the immediate response to my add. Had several contacts in the first 2 days. Pro rodeo staff was very helpful in assisting a person of the “technically challenged” generation. Will definitely use this site again! Sent from my iPhone” – OKLAHOMA

12/3/14 “Thank you again for the help and for the advertising. I have sold horses every time I have advertised. I find that the buyers on your site are looking for something specific and when they find it, it’s an immediate sale. Money well spent to advertise here.” – OREGON

12/2/14 “Thank you so much Sally!! I have already sold one and have an offer on one of the others in less than a week!!!!!!” – Lacey, OREGON

9/28/14 “We would like to commend Pro Rodeo Horses for the help in selling all three of our rope horses.” – Blocher Quarter Horses” – Oakdale, NEBRASKA

8/6/2014 “Have to give a big thanks!!! After 2 unsuccessful posts on Barrel Horse World, a friend told me to post on your site. Happy to say my youth rodeo mare went to her new home this week and I could not be happier!! Will definitely be doing business with ya’ll from now on and will recommend to others selling. Keep up the great work!” – ALABAMA

7/28/14 “Hi Sally, Could you mark my ad as SOLD. Thanks for everything. I will be using your site again and definitely will be recommending it to others.” – Deville, LOUISIANA

2/4/14 SW “My add is still up. I sold horse the day I paid for it. Could you put sold or remove still have people contacting me. Thank you” – Midland, TEXAS

1/21/14 “They did find her on your site! I think this is a wonderful website!” NEBRASKA

1/20/14 “1396843169 is sold thanks for the help!” Miles, NEBRASKA

11/18/13 “My horse sold. Thanks.” – KANSAS

5/30/13 “We sold our horse in a couple of days, many calls. Thanks!” – Stephanie, KANSAS

1/28/13 “Thank you for your help……so much……You went above and beyond. ” – Amy, INDIANA

1/28/13 “Well I guess the ad worked. We just sold the horse on Sat. Thanks” – Jennifer, IOWA

1/16/13 “Could you please mark Gibbs sold? We sold him today as a result of our ad with you. Thanks so much for the awesome service you provide. We have sold several horses on and we recommend it all the time. Great website!” – JC Performance Horses, LLC, Kuna, IDAHO

8/12/12 “Hello Sally, I wanted to let you know that I got my bulldogging horse Carlos sold on the website. Can you please put sold on the ad for me. I want to thank you guys for this great website as this is the second horse I have sold off of it and will continue to use it in the future.” – COLORADO

8/6/12 “We sold all three of the horses we put on Pro Rodeo Horse! Thanks again!” Judy, TEXAS

6/21/11 “We love and we have sold every horse we listed on it as a direct result of the ad. We always get lots of response from real rodeo people who are fun, honest and good customers. Thank you for providing such a cool website.” IDAHO

6/21/11 “Just sold Docs Rain Bar, he is the 2nd steer wrestling horse listed on your site. We have bought and sold numerous horses on your site over the years. Thank you for doing such a great job and providing a tremendous service at a great value. is the way to sell a rodeo horse. Thank you!!!!!” Chip and Jane Giles, – Kuna, IDAHO

2/14/11 “Love the site been using it a lot!” Toni – Satanta, KANSAS

1/26/11 “Thanks so much. We will be doing more business with your site. It has done well for us. We have received a lot of calls and are actually showing this horse over the weekend!” Cathy Pharr,, Resaca, GEORGIA

1/25/11 “My fiance’ and I have used to sell numerous horses. We especially like to use it to advertise our calf horses for sale. Our videos get a VERY high number of views! We have been clients since the site was created and will continue to be! Thanks Kacee Willbanks & Brandon Neugebauer X Open Box Horses,” Pueblo, COLORADO

1/22/11 “We not only use your site for our benefit in selling horses but we also use it to find horses for sale for our clients when we are unable to provide what they are looking for. This is one of the only sites that provides horses for sale of all aspects that we look to.” Kindell. Talala, OKLAHOMA

12/13/10 “Thank you greatly for the advertisement it worked. 😉 ” Kelly, OKLAHOMA

10/29/2010 “Thanks again. You all have a great site. I have probably sold over 10 horses on your site to happy customers all over the world.” MISSISSIPI

2/28/10 “Thanks again. We do get alot of traffic from advertising with you. We have sold many horses thru your ads.” Kathie, TEXAS

1/31/10 “The horse sold within a couple of weeks. Great Site.” Thank-you. Barbara, MONTANA

1/20/10 “Thanks for such a great site.” Buddy, TEXAS

9/3/09 “Thanks so much. I have had great success with you all!!”- Glen, ALABAMA

9/1/09 “Thanks for choosing me as your winner! I love your site and have lots of success posting horses on it. They have all sold very quickly!” – Wendy, TEXAS

8/16/09 “Thank y’all so much! This was my first time using this site and I just sold my 19-year old all-around horse in just TWO weeks and got my full asking price!” – Madaline, TENNESSEE

11/12/08 “I want to thank you guys again for what a great website you guys have, We just sold another horse from an add we posted on PRH. Every time I need to sell a horse this is where I go and anytime someone is looking to buy this is where I send them. Thanks, Devan” OKLAHOMA

6/9/08 “Thank You for helping me sell my horse!!!… This is the second horse I have sold on your website for more than $30,000. Thank You!!!!” – ALBERTA, CANADA

4/4/08 “We sold Casey, ad number 12135692 – – – Thanks so much for such a great site!!!!!!!!!” IDAHO

2/26/08 “You guys are great to work with and I tell everyone I know about your site. The stud that I sold last week that was on your site for $12,500 belonged partially to another guy who had been trying to sell him for a year and I finally convinced him to let me sell him over the web and he didn’t last 2 months on PRH!” KANSAS

12/31/07 “Great site, sold the saddle. Next time I have something for sale, I will be sure and put it on here.” TEXAS

10/12/07 “Thanks for all your hard work and the great site, it is awesome!!!” IDAHO

9/9/07 “I am very pleased with my horse sold with in 48 hours of listing and I’m still getting lots of calls and emails. Thank You again. Shawn” SOUTH DAKOTA

8/24/07 “Dear, I just wanted to thank you guys again for having such a great website. I have put two horses on your website and got them both sold to great homes thanks to you. Your website is easy to work with and also has great horses on it. Thanks for the help and keep up the good work! Sincerely, Devan” OKLAHOMA

1/3/07 “I just sold my gelding Sherman for the advertised price and had a lot of interest and calls the last three months. Great website and thank you! Todd” KANSAS

12/31/06 “Hi, Just wanted to say thank you!!! I sold my horse within one day of having him posted to your website! Couldn’t have done it without you! Thank you again!!, Rhonda” South Lyon, MICHIGAN

10/5/06 “I love your site set up. So easy to list ads and your staff are always helpful and quick to get the pictures up and running.” Lynette. WYOMING

9/12/06 “I will use your site in the future. You do an excellent job and get a lot of traffic. I had calls everyday. Thank you, Cleve” Silver Star, MONTANA

8/23/06 “Hey Folks, I got a bumper sticker and a pocket knife from you guys. I’ve sold two horses as a result of putting horses on your site, the last one going to Hawaii. Thanks for the goodies! Dean” Scottsdale, ARIZONA

6/11/06 “Your website is truly awesome! I had my horse on this site for no more than 24 Hours and the man that bought him contacted me. I got more calls than I could handle. I have tryed other websites and I just get people waisting my time! You guys have true horse people looking at your site! It’s people like you that keep the horse industry going and helping people get good horses to the right people! Thanks so much… your site rocks…” Devan. Gunnison, COLORADO

3/26/06 “I sold my horse within two weeks of advertising! The second person who looked at her bought her. I had over 30 responses within four days of listing. We had tried to sell her by word of mouth for a year. We should have done this long ago. I had her listed on two other sites, but only got two inquiries from one and none from the other. This is the web site to use to sell pro rodeo horses, without a doubt! Leslie.” Goshen, KENTUCKY

3/2/06 “I was very pleased with your site. I have posted 3 of my horses on there and within 2 days the buyers of them had emailed me! I received many emails from PRH and I think it is a wonderful site! I will use it for any horse I have to sell. Thanks so much! Beth” Venetia, PENNSYLVANIA

2/21/06 “I have sold another rope horse on your site. My success rate on your site is 90% or better. I have used numerous other sites and had 0% success anywhere else. Keep up the good work and I’ll keep the horses coming! Sincerely, Zac” KANSAS

10/19/05 “Hello PRH – I am STILL getting calls for the saddle that has been on your site for a long time. Just goes to show… Thank YOU” Lois, WISCONSIN

8/17/05 “…my horse sold and thanks goes to you and your website. Kelley” Saskatchewan, CANADA

7/1/05 “Hi PRH….I have used your site to sell several horses over the past few months and have had great success….Thanks again for having such a great website. It has truly helped my business….” Kim, MISSISSIPPI

6/29/05 “When I look for new horses, I always go to your site first…” Jennifer, INDIANA


1/24/05 “Dear, I hope that you will post this at the top of the satisfied customer page. I sold my grey mare last summer off of your website to a high school rodeo girl, she just called me this weekend, went to a Martha Josey clinic with the mare, and was second the first day, with a 17,7, and first the next day with a 17.2. Need I say, she loves her horse and is ecstatic, thank you for your website that got that team together, be looking for them at Nationals in Gillette this summer! Dusdee” WYOMING

12/28/04 ” I will tell you all that your site is the ONLY site that has generated any interest in my friend’s mare that I am helping sell. You are also the only site that generated any interest in the mare I sold in the spring. Way to go You!” Pamela OKLAHOMA

10/26/04 “Thank you! You guys – gals have been excellent to work with! Becky” KANSAS

6/21/04 “I recently bought a Steer Wrestling horse for my husband off this sight and he is AWESOME! We just love him! I have looked for 6 mos and found the perfect one due to your sight! Tracy” OKLAHOMA

4/4/04 “I’ve gotten tons of responses so far. Your website is better than anything out there. Very user friendly. Thanks a bunch. Rhonda” TEXAS

3/22/04 “Just wanted to let you know that this mare has sold thanks to your website. Will you please mark her ad as sold for me. Thanks Marc” IOWA

2/17/04 “, Once again you have brought the buyer for my horse to me. I sold Joe, a 5 year old gray heel horse this weekend. I have lost track of the number of horse I have sold on your site over the past few years. They all went quickly and to good homes. Thank you and I will be back soon.” KANSAS

2/5/04 “Please mark my ad in team roping horses SOLD! Thank you for your fine website, I will use you again, Sincerely Shawn” KANSAS


11/4/03 “I have sold Both my horses in just TWO weeks THANKS!” Cecilia ARKANSAS

10/6/03 “Yeah! This was our first experience using the internet to sell a horse. It took a small amount of time and we have a happy new owner of our horse. Hopefully we will do as well with the team roping horse ad that we have. Thanks for the assistance you provided in getting the picture sized. Respectfully, Dalena” KANSAS

9/23/03 “Thanks for your easy to use site. It helped me sell the sorrel AQHA Appendix yrl. colt, Red Kansas Spook!” Lynette WYOMING

8/19/03 “The horse did sell using your website, and I had tons of inquiries! Thank you very much!!! I will use again in the future!” Molly WASHINGTON

8/6/03 “I really appreciated your help the other day and getting me started. The customer service I recieved was excellent and I would like everyone to take note of it. You made things very easy for me and I will be recommending to all my friends up here in Canada. Thanxs again so much for everything.” Kim, CANADA

7/29/03 “Just wanted to let you know that we sold this horse this weekend. He went to a young girl in Colorado. We received many inquiries from all over the US. Thanks again for your great site it reaches many people and we will definitely use you again if we have another great horse to sell.” Kathy, SOUTH DAKOTA

6/5/03 “Hi could you please mark this ad below sold? Thanks again you all helped sell another one of our horses!!! Can’t thank you enough!!” Rhonda MICHIGAN

5/5/03 “Can you mark this ad sold??!! Thanks to your site I sold the saddle with lightening speed!!” Rhonda MICHIGAN

4/27/03 “Thanks to the ad on your service, I have SOLD another horse!” Kris, COLORADO

3/27/03 “I love your site! It has worked for me every time I use it, KG” NEVADA

3/10/03 “I sold these horses in 10 days after posting them on your website. Thank you very much for your help, you have a great website!” Shannon OKLAHOMA

3/1/03 “We sold our horse today to SD from here in CO. The response was great! Was worth the ad. Thanks, Dave” COLORADO

1/10/03 “I sold this horse after he had been on your website for 2 weeks and am still getting inquiries!!! Could you please mark it sold for me? Thanks. Diane” OKLAHOMA

12/12/02 “I appreciate your help and ads. Your ads have sold 4 horse for me so far. 1 to Florida, 2 to California, and 1 to Nebraska. I also have a pending sale on another horse with a guy from Idaho. Thank You!” Monte. NEBRASKA

10/21/02 “Thank you so much. Can I just tell are wonderful to work with. You are very “customer” friendly, and your company does a really good job. I would refer anyone to use this site! Thanks again.” Joni. IOWA

10/8/02 “Thanks for everything…..your site works great!” John. TEXAS

10/7/02 “We had great response to our ad. we benefited from putting the picture & spending the extra money for the video. It took some people while to download but I’m sure it depends on how fast their computers can process it. Thanks, we like and will use your site again. We will be posting another adv. soon for a saddle we are going to be selling. Thanks, Bill & Jana.” KANSAS

10/3/02 “I have advertised with you 3 times and sold the horses before the ad ran out each time. Keep up the good work….” Diane – OKLAHOMA

9/28/02 “This horse has been SOLD- Thank YOU! I had a tremendous number of calls from your web site use.” Patricia – NEBRASKA

9/25/02 “Just a note to let you know that my horse has been sold. Thanks to your website!” Carol – IOWA

8/5/02 “My horse was sold the first day of the AD!! Thank you!!” Iris – CALIFORNIA

8/1/02 “We are very pleased with the response we had using your web-site. This great horse sold in just 6 days. We had people from every corner of the United States inquire about him. We will definitely use your services again when the need arises.” Steve – IOWA

5/23/02 “If I need to sell another rodeo horse I will come to this website first and probably only use it. Forget the magazines. Only got a few calls from paper ads but got a ton from this website. It allowed me to get the price I wanted for my horse!” MICHIGAN

5/20/02 “Pro Rodeo Horses, Thank you so much for the opportunity to advertise Jake on your website. I received so many inquires on him and was able to sell him with in a month! Could you please include on this advertisement: SOLD to a loving family in New Mexico! Thanks I really appreciate your service. Keep up the great work on this website. Jennifer” MICHIGAN

4/26/02 “THANK YOU PRORODEOHORSES.COM for selling my horses in less than a month. In two days for one of them!!” Jamie. MONTANA

4/15/02 “Thank you so much for sending me the news letter my dad saw my mail and looked at the classiefied ads and bought me the perfect horse! I love you guys!!” maci. WASHINGTON

4/13/02 “I advertised my seasoned barrel horse with you starting in February and running through March. I was able to get her sold from the ad with you. is the only place I advertised her. She has found a new home in Michigan with an 8 year old girl. Thank you. I received a lot of inquiries from the ad. You do a great job. Keep it up. LindaH.” MONTANA

4/5/02 “We highly recommend as we have sold the gelding to some folks from CO that saw our ad on your site and also we sell several steerwrestling horses off your site. It is very greatly appreciated, way more than words can say…. thanks, Beth and Allen Good” SOUTH DAKOTA

4/4/02 “This is the second time that I’ve placed an ad with and once again I have gotten excellent results. And, again, the response time with placing my ad, editing, and finally listing as sold, has been really great! Keep up the great work”. Mechelle Smith. MISSISSIPPI

4/4/02 “I just wanted to say that I put a free want ad on your site and the results have been astounding!! In two weeks I have gotten 9 offers for barrel lessons and a horse, and now a great job offering! Thanks too for the site! You guys are great! – Amy” – TENNESSEE

3/19/02 “The ad I placed did in fact bring the buyer of my horse to me. The response was immediate and I sold the horse within 2 days. Thank you for your cooperation and for your site. Sincerely, Zac” – KANSAS

3/4/02 “Hi Pro Rodeo horses, I had a great experience with your web site. I received several calls the very first day that I put my ad on your site, and then more and more calls kept coming, and I did sell my horse on your site. Over 2000 miles away. I am going to continue to use your site for my future sales, it is great. I would like to receive one of your t-shirts so I can promote your ad in my part of the country. I need an X-Large. Thanks for all of your help.” Josh McCallister. – TENNESSEE

2/27/02 “I really love the way your site is set up. A interested buyer or shopper can see the picture and all the information on the horse at one glance. I hate the websites that you have to click to see this, then click to see that, etc. I like being able to see the whole ad. I had so much reply on my ad with you, I couldn’t get the videos out fast enough. I look forward to using you in the future. Thanks, Rhonda.”- TEXAS

2/26/02 “Thank you Pro Rodeo Horses for your excellent service. We got a great response for the ad placed on your web site! He was sold by the next week after placing the ad. Please mark the ad under the Steer Wrestling and Team Roping category as sold and thanks again!” -Jamie and Brooke Irwin. TENNESSEE

2/24/02 “We had 43 emails and many many phone calls …We love your site …Do not change a thing ….We will use it in the future ….Thanks Cindy” TENNESSEE

2/6/02 “Hey I just wanted to let you know that in your Steer Wrestling section-the gray 14 grade gelding and the ad on the bottom “6yr old King on Papers etc” are both sold and both sold from your website. The guy with the gray horse said he got tons of inquires from your site and he said its a great place to sell a horse. I can’t get on my computer without stopping by real quick myself. Keep up the great work (damn I wish I would have thought of the idea myself!) Thanks-Derek” WASHINGTON

1/18/02 “I had a terrific response to my ad. And a lot of interest. It was just finding the right person to connect with my horse. Thank you so much for a great way to sell my horse without costing me an arm and a leg.” Rose. ARIZONA

1/15/02 “Thank you very much. I received the headstall yesterday and used it last night. Works and fits great. I have various other headstalls, sidepulls and tie-downs from Cowboy Tack. It’s pretty much all I ride. Thanks again.” David Lee Buckner Broodmare Manager, Juddmonte Farms, USA. KENTUCKY

1/11/02 Dear Sally and the staff of, Troy and I found out this morning that our horse Bones had been recovered safe and sound in the little town of Minneola, Texas. We wanted to let you and your readers know that we truly appreciate all of your efforts in helping us get the word out that Bones was stolen. I was downright shocked at the response we had from your website alone! I don’t know if we could ever thank you enough for you concern and help-We are truly honored and thank you from the bottom of our heart. If it is at all possible, would you post this thank you on your website. I would really like to thank everyone that has responded, and let your readers know what a top notch site you all have. Once again, thank you. Sincerely, Troy and Mary Hipsag” – COLORADO

12/19/01 Just wanted to let you know that we sold our horse thru this site. Thank you for your site and for making it easy to search around in. Ron and Cynthia. – MISSOURI

12/14/01 I am very pleased with the service that you provide! While the sale did not result from the ad on this site, I did have good responses and I was very pleased with the service (very fast, prompt, and courteous). I will definitely use this site again. Thank you and keep up the great work. Mechelle S. – Perkinston, MISSISSIPPI

12/12/01 “The website is the main reason my horse sold.. I got a few emails for other sites but most of them came from yours. Thanks for the quick changes and allowing me to sell my horse. Keep up the great work and fast service. I did notice when I put ‘need to sell quick’, I got tons of email on him.” Kema, TEXAS

12/3/01″Thanks to your website, I have sold my mare.” Melanie – TEXAS

11/20/01″I advertised on 3 internet sites and I felt the best reponse came from your site. Although I sold the horse thru private contacts, I had many interested prospects from your site and several videos were sent. I would recommend your site to others and I’d use it again myself.” Marilyn – CALIFORNIA

10/28/01 “ProRodeo brought us many people that were interested in our Calf Roping horse. I would guess that we received 8 different people calling to inquire on him. I sent out a video to two different people and one of the two people ended up coming up, trying him out and buying him. Thanks to you all for providing the access to put buyers of great horses with sellers of great horses.” B.T. and Danielle De Grande. – Prineville, OREGON

8/27/01 “I sold this horse through the ad with I was very, very pleased with the response I received. I wish I had about 6 more horses like this mare to sell to all the serious buyers that contacted me. Also, the picture I placed on the ad showed up very nicely and I was very pleased with the entire ad. Also, everything was handled so professionally and promptly. I really can’t think of any way that things could be improved. Next horse I have to sell will be advertised through you and I will also recommend you to my fellow barrel racers. Thanks for everything.” – TEXAS

6/13/01 “…The buckskin gelding under heading and heeling is sold. The buyer found him on your website and came to South Dakota clear from California to buy him. Our horse is going to a very good home, thank you for having a such an excellent and reasonably priced classified website for selling horses!” SOUTH DAKOTA

5/28/01 “Hi there!… I wanted to let you know that we posted an ad on both your site and another leading site and received more feedback from your site than we did the other! I really like the way the photo appears with the ad! It is nice to see all the photos beside the description. And, you have been very helpful everytime we have used this site and have been able to get our ads on in a prompt fashion. Thanks much and mighty!” MISSOURI

5/1/01 “Hello! I placed an ad for a mare I am offering for sale last month, and I can’t tell you how happy I am with your website! I have been getting quite a few very interested and QUALIFIED inquiries about the mare. It makes me so much more at ease to know that the prospective buyers that are e-mailing me are serious barrel racers that found my mare on I have confidence that she’ll get into the hands of someone who is going to make the best of her talents in the rodeo arena. Advertising her on a website like yours has taken a lot of the guess work out of matching her up with a serious competitor who will get her into the arena!…Thank you, and you can be sure that the next one I offer for sale will be posted on your site also. Sincerely, Andrea” – OHIO

4/2/01 “The response to my ad was great. I have been trying to sell my colt all winter with no luck. I placed him on your site and sold him in days. I will definitely use your site when I have another horse to sell. Thank You, Donna” – OKLAHOMA

3/21/01 “I would not hesitate to run another ad with ProRodeo Horses. I had responses from Florida, Wyoming , and South Dakota. I ended up selling it to the party in South Dakota because it was the easiest to make connections with. The ad you published was great and only took about a month to sell the horse. I would certainly let other people know about the site if they wanted to sell a horse. Thanks again for a great job. Sincerely, Jeff ” – WISCONSIN

2/27/2001 “I just wanted to thank you and let you know that your ad sold my mare! My buyer found me thru your website… I have received several emails and am pleased with the response. I will be sure and list my next horse for sale with you. Kris.” – NEBRASKA

2/20/2001 “Hi, please mark my horse on the ad in Prospects as SOLD. Thanks again for your help in selling my horse, that was #3. I found an excellent home for her and am happy with the sale price. I’ll be contacting you in the future if I need another sold or am looking. Oh, ya, I guess that was the fourth horse located on this site as I am the one who ended up trading for the Frenchmans Guy colt. Thanks again, Kelly.” Las Vegas, NEVADA

1/10/2001 “Hi, to whom it may concern, I placed an ad for a friend last month for a barrelhorse; a 17 year old grey mare..I wanted to let you know that we sold her for $5500.00 through your site and were very pleased. Thank you for your help .I have submitted another ad for a Steer Wrestling horse “Dan” I hope to find as nice a buyer for him. He is a part of the family but not being used by us now .Thanks again, Kelly.” – Las Vegas, NEVADA

12/23/2000 “Thought you’d like to know that I sold my colt on your site. Thank you for all your help with my advertising this year. I will definitely be using your site for my next years babies.Have a wonderful Christmas and may 2001 be a great exciting year for you. Mary.” – OKLAHOMA

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